Introduction Industry

Since there is a rich settlement method, there is a track record of introduction in various industries regardless of genre.

  • Hairdresser

    Even if it is a hairdresser with a wealth of menu customization, you can use it smoothly because you can set it.

  • Tourism

    Because it corresponds to a large number of cards, such as VISA, MASTAR, it is perfect for tourism industry with foreigners.

  • Hotel

    It is easy to handle the receipt of those who have arrived on a business trip as well as smooth the correspondence of foreigners.

  • Retail Store

    Because the fee is low, it is a mechanism that is easy to introduce even if it is a low unit price.

  • Clinic

    Because collaboration with other functions is smooth, it is possible to finish all from the reservation to the settlement on the net.

  • Restaurant

    Since you can handle the bills, coins without touching, you can keep hygienic.

  • Seminar

    Pre-settlement also helps cancellation due to cancellation.

  • Leisure Facilities

    By completing the settlement in advance, you can eliminate the complicated interaction on the day and enjoy the leisure.

  • Event Holding

    It is also possible to cope with single-shot settlement, so it is perfect for payment at the time of event.

  • Online Shop

    As you can cooperate with internet shops and cards, you can also earn repeaters.

  • Regular Service

    Subscription payment and regular service compatibility is outstanding.

  • Sole Proprietorship

    If you are a personal business owner who is hard to review, there is a possibility that a review will pass.

There are various other introduction cases.
We will propose the best settlement service according to the service.