Implementation Flow


"Our staff will respond accordingly
from the beginning of the implementation
to after-sales support."


Virtus Global Group offers a wide range of payment methods including one-time and subscription payments,
virtual terminal / web payments, QR payments and foreign currency payments.

  1. 01

    Contact Us

    Please feel free to contact us via email form or phone.

  2. 02

    Submit the Required Documents

    You will be asked to submit a number of documents for review.
    Our staff will provide you with the details of the required documents.

    Several documents will be submitted for examination.

    As for details of the required documents, we will guide you from the staff, so be prepared.

  3. 03

    Merchant Screening

    Based on the materials we receive, we will prepare for the screening process.
    The review process can take as little as one day.

    Based on the materials you have received, we will prepare for the examination.

    The examination will be at least one day.

  4. 04

    Payment Solution Setup

    ※ ID, PW setting for Web settlement

    To prepare for use, set up the terminal, ID, and password.
    Our dedicated staff will setup necessary system for all your payment solution needs.
    ※ ID and PW will be provided for virtual terminal / web payment solutions.

    Use the usage terminal, ID, and password for preparation.

    All this is set up with our full-time staff.

  5. 05

    Implementation and Delivery

    We will deliver the payment solution tailored for your needs.
    Our system is simple enough that you can use the system for the first time without any worries. Even if you do have any questions, we will be more than happy to explain the operation process of the system.

    We will deliver and install the terminal.
    "As for the operation method,

    we will explain while actually performing operation. The first time you can use it with confidence."

  6. 06

    Start of Service

    The service is now available!
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our 24-hour support team at any time.

    It is start of service! Please contact us at any time

    to the 24-hour support center.